Club Types

In the game of golf, a single club is not enough. You got to have various selections of the golf club for you to ensure your win. Fortunately for you, I’m here to provide you with great information about club types and their uses.


These clubs are the most reliable ones that would make your ball travel far and in the direction of your hole. Woods are generally made to have a bigger head and longer shaft. They are structured to bring the optimum swing speed of the club for the ball to reach several kilometers.

Woods are not made entirely from wooden materials. Today iron or even graphite are integrated into wood clubs. They are made to be longer and with more power compared to the other clubs.


Iron clubs are made with metal heads with a shorter shaft. Designed to be the most versatile of all the clubs, you can use them in every part of the course. These clubs are usually rated from 1 to 9, but the commonly used are the numbers 3 to 9. These numbers correspond to the loft angle of their heads.

Their name is derived from its material. It is made overall from iron, but through the advancement, it has been upgraded and made from alloy. It is increasing the quality of the club.


These types of clubs are intended to escape from sand traps in the golf course. Similar to the irons, but they have also distinct characteristics that makes them different from the other clubs. The heads of the wedge are more lofted compared to the iron preferably for escaping sand and greens.


Probably the most specialized and known club. This club is used to knock your ball into the hole. They have vast ranges of collections that come in different shapes and sizes that may fit your desire.

These are the different types of golf clubs and their uses. It is vital to know that as a golfer, you must know that you must use varied clubs to ensure your dominance in the course.