Golf Club Set

As a golf player, you already know the different types of golf clubs that you are using. You have the woods, irons, wedges, hybrids, and the putters. For golf players like you, it is essential to have varied golf clubs for you to work through the whole course.

There are chances that your ball might get stuck in traps like greens and sand. Wedges are the particular clubs that you are going to use in these type of situations. If you want to make your ball travel long and far during tee time, then you will be using woods.

The ace has a good golf club set, but if you still a starter in this game of hitting balls then you probably don’t have any idea what a good set contains. Fortunately for you this a guide that will aid you in selecting your golf clubs that will make a good set.

Typically a good golf club set consists of a total of 12 clubs although the rules of the game permit 14 clubs in total. Your set must comprise of 3 wood clubs, a hybrid, a putter and 7 irons.

Your woods must be 3 clubs. The driver, 3 and 5. All these clubs will help you in establishing your pace in the course. Your standard set of 7 irons is numbered, and the corresponding numbers that you must choose are irons numbered 3 to 9. These clubs are usable when you are close to the hole. Having this set of irons will be good for you as you will have a vast range of selections. And let’s not forget about your hybrid and the putter. The hybrid can be your substitute to everything as it considered to be amongst the versatile of all the clubs. The putter is the club that you usually use for the last hit for your ball to go into the hole.

Do you want to look like a pro even though you are just starting? Then you should buy your own set of golf clubs. But if you should consider, it should be complete with woods, irons, hybrid, and putter. Believe me, you will be looking professional in no time!