Golf Club

Different sports are getting prestige now in our society, basketball, football, tennis and even golf. They have their materials to be played. All of these games contain balls. But they are also auxiliary items that are used to know and play the true essence of the game.

In this case, the Golf, it is a game where you hit the ball to a hole, and as further the game progresses, the difficulty also increases. But what will you use to hit the golf ball?

Everyone, the stick that is used to hit the ball is called a Golf club. The clubs are composed of grip, shafts, and head. Usually, there are made using different kinds of materials. Clubs are made from wooden materials and also steel. To further strengthen your grip it is made from components such as rubber or even leather.

These clubs are classified into different categories according to their use. We have the woods, irons, wedge, hybrid, putter, and chipper.

If you want to your ball to go through the hole, then you need to use various clubs to ensure your victory. Your use of clubs will depend on the area that your ball is in.

There are certain rules about the club or clubs of a player. The number of clubs that you are required to carry is limited to only 14 only. The players must have their own set of golf clubs when set to play, lending of clubs is prohibited.

Also, the clubs that are used must follow the standard issue. The club must be one and not detachable. The player may attach something to the club shaft to increase grip hold.

There are also several rules that are laid for clubs to be considered as standard. So when you want to buy golf clubs, it is advisable to go to certified and known stores so they can issue you with the standard design.