Types of Putter Head

As we all know, there are different types of golf clubs that are used by professional golfers. They usually have a total of 14 clubs in their bag. One of these clubs is the putter. The putter is your resort in putting that ball to certain victory. But there are different types of putter head too, do you know about them?

As a golfer or an ordinary person who likes golf, it is essential for you to know that there are different types of putter head. Putter heads are not at all the same. They come in different shapes and sizes. And I know two:

  1. Mallet

These types of putter head are made to be heavy. Its weight is focused on its face. If you have problems with accuracy and mishit, then the mallet type head is preferable for you. Mallet head putters contain a sweet spot that is larger than the other.

As I’ve said, the weight of the head lies on the face that can help you control the ball even though you mishit it. It will prevent any unnecessary motions in the ball, such as twisting.

  1. Blade

The blade, on the other hand, is more the conventional types. Putters with blade heads are more popular with golfers. The blade is structured to be flat and made to fit with players with more accuracy. But you have to choose your blade putter that suits your stroke for you to have more control and accuracy.

Selecting between the Two

If you are only a starting player or a golf player that is having troubles choosing between the two, what you have to do first is to assess yourself. How is your accuracy? If your accuracy is not good, then you should go with the mallet as its weighted face can help you guide the ball. If your accuracy is better, then you should go with the blade.